gantt diagram

Hello folks,

finally we have a gantt diagram for our project:

We know it is a little bit wrong and a little bit ugly but we switched vom ZenHub to YouTrack and created all issues again.
The problem is that the exported file from YouTrack doesn’t got the real date we manually modified. It is getting the creation date of the ticket.

That’s the reason why our diagram is not quite correct.


project management has changed

Hello fans of MEDEN,

in the past we had some troubles with ZenHub. It is a nice tool for simple issues and sprints but if you want to track you daily work time it is not really practicable, at least for us.

So we decided to change the tools and enter YouTrack. You can use it as a scrum board and it’s published by the same guys who are publishing IntelliJ.

What a conincidence! We program with IntelliJ.

We hope that now we will have more synergy effects.

Stay tuned for some nice burndown chats xD


architectural documentation

Hello guys,

our Software Architecture Document is proudly released.

It’s a first draft but we think that we checked all the important stuff.

You can see it here:

Some parts are still open because our website is not fully functional so we can’t determine size / performance and some quality issues.

Stay tuned.


class diagram

Hello folks,

a first draft of our class diagram is ready:


This diagram is made by our Software Architect Lorenz.

We know that it could be better but our project is not finished so we don’t know what other classes we need or will be generated.

Stay tuned.


Bad News

Hello comerades,

We learned from a campus management representative that there is no easy way for us to link our service to the DUALIS platform 🙁


The sinister minds that created the DUALIS platform continue to throw stones in our way. We will keep you up to date..

In love,

The Midnight Express Executive Board